Friday, November 14, 2008

All I Want For Christmas (2008) . . .

It's that time of year again!!! It’s the time where we get to make Christmas lists for all the material things we desire, while we also rack our brains trying to think of the most thoughtful gifts for all the important people in our lives.

In the past, making a Christmas list didn't seem so hard. If somebody asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I could spatter a list of things that I "WANTED." However, time and people change. Now, I can only think about the things I "NEED." I have become somewhat of a minimalist in my 26 years of life. When I think about "THINGS", it overwhelms me. I can't help but think about if the economy were to completely fall apart and how I would ultimately be affected. I would end up in a compromising position, which would (unfortunately) demand me to lose any kind of ability to sustain a normal life. In that hypothetical world, I would probably end up packing up all my belongings and move to Costa Rica. Okay, now this is where the overwhelming part comes in . . . would I really need, "THINGS" if I moved to Costa Rica? NO!!! Therefore, I am trying to weed out all the unnecessary things in my life and possess only things that I really need or consistently use.

My Christmas list this year is very reflective of my "necessity driven" lifestyle. Now, remember, I will still include fun, frilly stuff (i.e. Juicy Couture socks), because that is something that I use everyday. Necessity . . . YEAH! :D

1) ALDO “Eneida” Ballerina Flat

Unfortunately I work in an office where I am expected to dress somewhat professionally on a day-to-day basis. My idea of a perfect job would be to work at home in my sweats (freelance) on my computer doing web-design, etc. However, since I don't have that dream job, I need comfortable shoes for walking back and forth through the press room everyday, so I need a nice pair of classic, comfortable, well-made, black, leather, ballerina flats.

You can find ALDO shoes in most department stores in California, however, for you out-of-town shoppers, you can visit ALDO's website at

Here are the details:
What: ALDO “Eneida” Ballerina Flat
Color: Black
Size: 38 (US8)
Item #: DCS: 11-04-01
Unit Price: $60.00

2) Puma Shoes

I need some basic, casual shoes.

The shoes pictured above can be found at

Here are the details:
What: Puma Speed Cat SD (women's)
Color: Brown/Pink
Size: 8.5 (US)
Item #: 30136114 GPK
Unit Price: $74.99

3) Banana Republic Cotton Fitted Long-Sleeve Shirt

I need classic shirts for work. This one is a good example (white, button-up, not too constricting, and long-lasting). This shirt can be worn with any color/kind of dress pant. The only thing I need to emphasize here is I work at a printing company, so I don't need anything too trendy, just basic and classic.

The shirt pictured above can be found at any Banana Republic free-standing store or by visiting

Here are the details:
What: Banana Republic Cotton Fitted Long-Sleeve Shirt
Color: White
Size: Small
Style #: 587864
Unit Price: $49.00

4) Banana Republic Cardigan

I feel like such an old(y) asking for a cardigan, but it is a great staple item to have for work, dinner, etc. I don't necessarily need a cardigan from Banana Republic, but I found this one and it's a nice "illustration."

The cardigan pictured above can be found at any Banana Republic free-standing store or by visiting However, again, cardigans can really be found anywhere (it just needs to be a nice quality - so it lasts a long time).

Here are the details:
What: Banana Republic Merino Wool Long Cardigan
Color: Black (but I would love to have a black AND cream cardigan)
Size: Small
Item #: 608362
Unit Price: $79.00

5) Banana Republic Button Pencil Skirt

I won't get into my long-winded description regarding quality, etc. I just need skirts for work (pencil skirts with corresponding tops, etc).

The pencil skirt pictured above can be found at any Banana Republic free-standing store or by visiting

Here are the details:
What: Banana Republic Button Pencil Skirt
Color: Black
Size: 6
Item #: 606626
Unit Price: $59.00

6) Banana Republic Funnel-Neck Dress

I like this dress for work, because it is simple, classic, and looks comfortable (easy to move in).

The dress pictured above can be found at any Banana Republic free-standing store or by visiting

Here are the details:
What: Banana Republic Funnel-Neck Dress
Color: Black Combo
Size: 6
Item #: 606473
Unit Price: $150.00

7) Messenger Bag

I have looked everywhere for the perfect messenger bag and I still can't find it. The above picture is NOT what I am looking for, but I wanted to add some kind of picture to illustrate some specific aspects. For instance, I need it to be sling obviously (over my body), and army green or dirty beige, kind of beat-up looking. It's hard to explain, but who knows, you may run across something.

Here are the details:
What: Messenger Style Bag
Color: Army Green / Browns
Size: Medium to Large
Item #: N/A
Unit Price: N/A

8) Victoria's Secret PINK

I am still a big fan of the Victoria's Secret "PINK" line. I have worn all my VS Pink stuff to death. I love the entire VS PINK line, so I would be happy with any PINK pants (specifically), but I like the entire combo pictured above (the comfy pants, with the matching top and the comfy slippers). I actually do need a good pair of slippers.

You can find the VS PINK line at or at any Victoria's Secret freestanding store.

Here are the details:
What: Foldover-Waist Sweats
Color: 815-polor cobalt (I don't have any blue, so blue would be a fun change) :-)
Size: Small
Item #: 231-898
Unit Price: $28.50


What: I Heart Nature Top
Color: 078 (Blue)
Size: Small or Medium
Item #: #231-657
Unit Price: $24.50


What: Furry Slipper
Color: 084 Navy Suede
Size: Medium
Item #: #231-947
Unit Price: $29.50

9) Tube Socks

Love tube socks!!!

The above picture illustrates some tube socks that I found at

Here are the details:
What: Sporty Tube Socks
Size: One Size
Item #: 235-402
Unit Price: $14.50

10) UGG Boots

Another one of my staples . . . UGGS!!!

Okay, yes I understand that I already have UGGs, but they are all pretty worn down, as I seriously wear them everyday. I understand that UGGs are expensive, but they are totally worth it. Literally, I could not live without them.

My most recent pair (purchased in 2006) are ultra tall, brown. I LOVE, LOVE the tall ones. If it were possible, I would love to have a new pair of ultra tall chocolate, light brown, and black - but that would be like a thousand dollars - so I am fine with any color (as long as they are tall).

NOTE: I found these UGGs at, but you can purchase UGGS in most department stores or surf shops.

Here are the details:
What: Ultimate Tall Braid Boot
Color #1: 028 - Chocolate
Color #2: 093 - Black
Color #3: 341 - Chestnut
Size: 8.5
Item #: 227-834
Unit Price: $200.00

11) Starbucks Gift Card

Unit Price: Any Amount


12) Franklin Covey Tote

I need a tote to carry my planner and additional work accessories. I chose Franklin Covey, because FC creates career oriented products. Franklin Covey produces great quality products at a reasonable cost. I like this tote, because it is very basic.

Franklin Covey is probably best purchased by visiting website at

Here are the details:
What: Franklin Covey Park City Tote
Color: Black
Size: Standard Size Tote
Item #: 35065
Unit Price: $129.00


Okay, I had to add a couple unrealistic gifts just for FUN! :D

1) Bengal and Pug

I honestly don't think it is possible for me to have any children right now, but someday I will get Francy and Chi-Chi-La-Rue. I really want them to grow up together.

Here are the details:
What: Bengal Cat & Pug
Bengal Color: Glitter
Pug Color: Fawn (basically brown with black face)
Size: Babies
Unit Price: N/A

3) Louis Vuitton (Messenger PM Bosphore) Bag

If I could choose any designer bag, this is the one I would choose. I like it because it is the traditional Louis Vuitton design, but in a messenger bag style. I love bags that I can wrap over my shoulder and body.

Only purchase at the official Louis Vuitton website or store

Here are the details:
What: Louis Vuitton (Messenger PM Bosphore) Bag
Color: Monogram Canvas
Size: PM (2.8" x 8.6" x 9.8")
Unit Price: $740.00

P.S. My list is basically a reiteration of last year's blog. I guess I am a creature of habit! :-)

Happy Shopping!!!!
Ashley :D

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